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The traditional approach to Datawarehousing has worked well for the past 25 years. But it’s not perfect.

The Cohelion Data Platform is a new approach that solves most of the drawbacks. It’s a Master-Data driven BI solution that covers essentially the entire path that data typically travels in a data warehouse environment; from source data to consumable data.

With the scarcity of IT staff in mind, it can be completely managed by business users.

This whitepaper is written by Rick F. van der Lans (R20/Consultancy), leading data & analytics expert and renowned speaker on big data topics.

Topics covered

  1. The drawbacks and limitations of classic Data Warehouse Environments.
  2. Explanation of the Cohelion Data Platform and how it solves these drawbacks and limitations.
  3. Why the platform is designed from a business perspective instead of a IT perspective and how it differs from other ETL, BI and other data preparation tools.
  4. How the Platform deals with Master Data Management and Monitoring Data Quality and Capturing Meta Data.
  5. The use cases that it supports and the out-of-the-box business solutions like: Customer Profitability, Contract & SLA monitoring and Forecasting & Budgeting.