Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

Latest videos

IRO webinar Cohelion - Efficiënter opereren door middel van data en forecasting

On June 3th we gave a webinar on how organizations can operate more efficient with the use of data and forecasting. This webinar was in collaboration with IRO and MO4. You can watch the webinar here.

The Cohelion Data Platform in 5 steps

Data is becoming more and more important for organizations. But how can you effectively use your company data? The Cohelion Platform helps your organization to get full control of your data quality and get more valuable insights.

Data integration in the logistics sector

In this corporate video, made for the Air Freight Webinar 2020, we talk about the possibilities of enterprise data integration in the logistics sector.

Demo - How to correct data and track data lineage

In this demo we show you how the Cohelion enterprise data platform easily lets you correct data.

Demo - Comparison of data and safeguarding data quality

In this demo we show you how you can easily compare data by different locations, scenario’s and years in the Cohelion Data Platform.

Demo - Approving data

How the Cohelion Platform handles the workflow for approving data streams and manual interventions.

ColdFusion as part of the technology stack for Cohelion's Data Platform

This video was part of the keynote at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2020. During this online event we explained how we use ColdFusion (CF) powering our data platform and a a small demo by one of our developers, Brian Cheung.