Why choose Cohelion?

The benefits of our Data Management and Integration Platform.

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How it works

  1. Connect & collect: connect all your data sources fast and easy; from submitting data via an API, to pulling CSV files. It is even possible to upload your local excel files
  2. Transform & Integrate: Validate, modify and enrich all your integrated data and guarantee the data quality in a central user-friendly environment
  3. Share: Make valuable data sets directly available for all your stakeholders within the company and create value insights in order to make the right business decisions

What makes our platform unique?

  • Faster data integration

    Our platform is faster than traditional tools with 5 different delivery methods.

  • Data quality monitoring

    Be able to validate, modify and enrich data before it's in reports to ensure data quality.

  • No coding required

    With our user-friendly environment you'll be able to manage your data without IT knowledge or coding.

  • Real-time data accesible

    Allow stakeholders to access all integrated data and get direct insights

  • Unify data

    Unify data from different application with out Master Data Management.

  • Pay as you go

    Our monthly license fee is transparent and predictable that let's you be in full control of your costs.

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