Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory


Webinar on Master Data Management


Recently we hosted an informative webinar on the latest developments in Master Data Management with data authority Rick van der Lans. Rick elaborated on the increasing importance of MDM and the latest trends & developments. Also speaking were Philip Müller, Head of global performance at Swissport and our founder Roeland Krom with a live demo of Cohelion's data platform, lessons learned and a live Q&A. Watch the webinar now!

How to Migrate Your Core Data Systems – With Examples!


Learn the steps on how you can successfully migrate your ERP software.

The importance of Data Integration – with TrackOnline


Discover the benefits of seamless integration of TrackOnline with Cohelion. Become a data-driven organization by integrating all your data sources into one platform.

T-SQL: Len() and DataLength()


In this technical blogpost, Peter de Heer explains the meaning of the Len() and DataLength() functions and how they're used. By showing you a small demonstration we hope to give you some insights on these two functions that seems very similar, but have their own side-effects.

A tip to improve communication while working from home


Try turning on your video while calling with a colleague, if you're working remotely, to improve communication.

How to Take Control of your Customer Profitability Data

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Learn everything about how you can take control of your profitability data with our Business Solution.

Why Use Cohelion if You Already Have PowerBI?

Power BI and Cohelion

In this article, we’ll look at the important steps that need to be made when using PowerBI.

Learn How to Get Started with Data Integration

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Learn how you can easily bring all your company data together and enjoy the benefits.

How to Take Excel Out of Your Critical Business Processes

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Overreliance on Excel is a tough habit to break, these tips can help using your company data more efficiently.

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