Announcing our collaboration with SATS on ABC

ghi 3

Announcing our first project with SATS Singapore on Activity Based Costing at the Annual GHI 2023.

Behind the scenes at our customer IJsmaker


De kick off van onze samenwerking aan de nieuwe case study met IJsmaker

Data Management: The Key to Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies and data-driven solutions to create new ideas.

The essentials of a data governance framework

data governance

Valuable insights begin with well-governed data. To tighten your governance structure, we recommend these four components.

What are the business benefits of a specialized data platform?

Ground handlers

The aviation industry is seeing major post-COVID shake-ups. To outperform competitors, firms need clear insights into their global operations — so a specialized data platform is a key ally.

Most data warehouse projects fail. Here’s how not to.

Make-your-data-available-dynamically-in-SAP-Data-Warehouse-Cloud – – Hero-Image

With increasing focus on being data-driven, data warehouses are key for companies across all sectors. But despite significant investment, the project failure rate is notoriously high. We outline disaster-proof strategies to set your data warehouse project up for success.

How to gain control of your group services companies

Gain control of your group service companies

Enabling group companies to monitor all your KPI's at anytime and anywhere. Read how!

How data quality impacts your ML algorithm


Here, we’ll walk through selecting the right model for your ML objectives and how to feed, train, and test your creation.

Why your company needs a data dictionary


By organizing information about your data that may otherwise spread over multiple locations, a data dictionary also enables you to create a single source of truth.

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