Your business is running well

You are in control: all your departments report their information on a weekly or even daily basis via a standardized format. Some of your departments have exceeded the standard and have automated the process or even have exposed their data using an internal API.

After reviewing these data sources, you combine these spreadsheets, CSV files, database exports and data extracted from APIs and create a beautiful unified view of your company’s health in a shared Excel sheet, PDF or even PowerBI or Tableau dashboards.

... is realizing there is a problem!

Your current reports take a long time to create and involve many manual steps. The work also requires in-depth knowledge about your business and the technicalities of the process.

As many of these processes take additional effort to document (and who likes to read these docs?), the person making these reports is highly depended upon in your organization.

Being well-informed, the person performing this chore has many other, better things to do, and is not having a great time doing this job, month after month (or even week after week).

All these steps are repetitive and can therefore be automated. We would love to show you how well our platform can take over all these tasks. Without touching any of your source systems. Even those last-minute manual corrections in your data can be done with it.

Introducing the Cohelion team

With a small team we determine how you currently get to your report, all the way from sources, transformations, mappings, corrections to the reports.

With our experience, we recognize these steps and map them to our integrated off-the-shelf software solution:

  • Mapping tables are migrated to our self service Master Data Management (MDM) tool
  • Data-transformation to our ETL (Extract Transform Load) processor
  • Reminders are sent our automatically based on predetermined lock date definitions

Most importantly we understand that Garbage in-garbage out is not an excuse for poor quality reports!

We model the ideal structure of your KPIs, and map the existing data-exports to it. Within Cohelion your users can see the result of these steps in full detail. If needed corrections can be made to it. If there is no data-set that we can import, then these data-entry screens can be used to enter or upload the data.

Cohelion is a self-service solution

After the ETL processes have initially been set up by us, your business users can manage and monitor it. Lock dates, de-duplication rules, merges etc. can be managed from an easy to understand web-application.

Do you have LDAP or another Active Directory server? Great, we’ll base our single sign-on authentication on that.

We’ll set up Master Data Management together with you. Define the domains, dimensions, attributes and connecting systems is a well defined process. Left for you to do is follow up any mapping conflicts in a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Trial run

Once all your data sources are connected, mapped and consolidated, it’s time to validate the output. After keeping track of all slowly changing dimensions you’ll see a whole new level of detail in your data. Typically your data quality is already as good or better than you were used to.

Going forward

After finishing the setup process, we’d like to close off the initial phase: hand over the tailor made manual, instructions on maintaining Master Data Management and the administration. If you want to make use of self service BI (like PowerBI), we can provide training in that or prepare some initial reports and dashboards for you.

Typically improvements include:

  • Replacing the initial batch wise data-sets with transactional data-transfers. This will give you more real-time data.
  • Now that capturing historical data is done properly, it may be time to capture monthly forecasts or annual Budgets. By doing so in the Cohelion Data Platform you ensure there are no definition discrepancies and everything is managed from a single known application.
  • Why not open up your data to your customers? With a Customer Dashboard your customers can review the same data in any Dashboard of choice, updated near real-time.


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