Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

Why Cohelion?

We work with our customers as partners and understand the responsibility of creating a data warehouse, and the inevitable benefits it leads to. As partners we get involved when needed and train your staff where local knowledge is most effective. But with the comfort of always having a knowledgeable partner one phone call away (or Slack message, Teams meeting, Hangout or Webex call).

Reasons why customers choose Cohelion

The Cohelion team is flexible, scalable, and trustworthy. Cohelion really works with us in a partnership. That makes Cohelion distinctive and outstanding.

Kathanyu Jearachaikul Senior Manager Global Network Operations Unilode

Data integration and data management done differently

Cohelion has an unique approach to data integration and data management. We understand that it makes little sense to train your IT staff to learn super complex ETL software when they only need to use that expertise once a year. Not to mention the significant ‘Bus factor’ it creates. On the other hand, you do want to be in full control of your data. With the Cohelion Data Platform you have best of both worlds.

What makes the Cohelion Data Platform unique?

  • Data integration made easy

    Have your HR, operations, sales and IT software integrated and maintain it without any coding.

  • All-in-one data solution

    One platform and one supplier for all your data integration, master data management, data quality and data warehousing challenges.

  • Improve your data quality

    Integrated data quality tools assures that your data is more complete, consistent and accurate.

  • Fast and smooth implementation

    Start receiving valuable BI without disrupting your existing IT infrastructure or enterprise application landscape.

  • User-friendly interfaces

    Easy to configure and maintain, no development required so you’re non IT staff is in full control.

  • Integrated budgeting and forecasting

    Set budgets, generate forecasts and compare them with actual data, all integrated into one platform.

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