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Case Study: Swissport International


Business operations don’t get much more complex than at Swissport. As the
global market leader in aviation services, the Switzerland=headquartered
company supplies ground handling and cargo services to over 850 customers
worldwide, each with their own specific demands. With a highly trained
workforce of over 66,000 employees, Swissport’s 13 business lines operate
in an extremely competitive airline market across hundreds of airport


In a tough competitive market, being able to react to changes quickly and confidently underpins business success in the aviation industry. For Swissport, data is critical in allowing the company to seize market opportunities and optimize its operations. Specifically, up-to-date detailed operational data and accurate forecasts are required for indicators that are specific to each business line, including Ground Handling, Cargo, Cleaning, Lounge, and Fueling.

Swissport had grown exponentially through acquisitions and had dozens of data applications in use. Many of these were duplicate and had different coding, different definitions and different workflow processes. Swissport needed an improved data management system that integrated managed user access rights system, where review, modification, approval and reporting rights could be managed. In particular, Global Operations Performance has the critical task of monitoring, understanding, adjusting and optimizing all business processes in near real=time.


Working with Swissport’s operational team in 2014, CS delivered a centrally managed enterprise data solution in two short months. The solution brought together for the first time, operational data for actual, forecast and budget into one centrally managed platform.

The CS data platform normalizes the heterogeneous source data and allows enrichment and supplemental data entry resulting in a set of cubes and fact tables for PowerBI reports. In total, more than 180 indicators originating from 55 systems are updated, sanitized and then made available in SAP and PowerBI for online analytics. What’s more, the advanced role=based permission function means that access to both the CS data platform and MS PowerBI can be managed effectively.


The time to add new applications to PowerBI or SAP integration has been cut from months into days. The accuracy of forecasting and budgeting have been vastly improved: both in quality and creation time (including automated preloading of forecasts using advanced machine learning algorithms).

In short, Swissport is now in better control of its internal business processes. Countless cumbersome spreadsheets have been made obsolete and the information migrated to a fully transparent data=workflow process. All in all, Global Operations Performance is able to better support and drive the efficient performance of over 66,000 colleagues, across clients, across business units, across the globe.