Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

Customer scenarios

There are multiple scenarios where Cohelion excels, but below are the ones we hear most often

Your company is growing through acquisitions or Joint ventures.

Integrating newly acquired companies can be a complex and time-consuming effort. Sometimes you can’t wait months (or years) that it takes to fully integrate those new organizational entities; you want to know how your new assets are performing now! The Cohelion dataplatform gives you a companywide overview of your company performance in near real-time, without any complex IT overhaul. Thanks to our integrated MDM module, any business unit can report using their own IT system, using their own local coding standard. MDM acts as a translation machine that maps, merges, ignores or splits data based on centrally managed definitions

Local IT systems do not give the full picture.

Typical ETL processes are very good at extracting and transforming data from your local IT infrastructure. But what if that data is known to be incomplete? Or if one of your KPI’s is not captured in any system at all? Or what if one of your systems just cannot export data? Standard ETL processes cannot ‘create’ data out of nothing, and also have no userinterface that allows users to verify and correct data is needed. Here the Cohelion Data platform comes to the rescue: it shows all data as was extracted from your local IT systems in native resolution, after being unified via MDM, in an easy to userfriendly webinterface. Authorized users can then review and correct if needed, either by typing in the values or by uploading a spreadsheet. With additional ‘lockdates’, reminders and approval processes your company data is certified to be correct and complete!

You’ve bought into the PowerBI sales pitch

PowerBI (and other data visualization tools) claim to allow you to import data from any system and provide great looking reports with it. It even contains a programming language to manipulate data. And you’ve now found out the hard way that while your charts look great, you cannot draw any conclusions on it, because your data is unreliable. The Cohelion Data platform is ideally suited to be used a ‘cleaning station’ for your enterprise data.

No reliable forecasting and budgeting processes in place

Many companies do not have a reliable forecasting and budgeting process. And the ones that do, often use a completely separate system for that then where their actual data is captured in. This makes comparisons difficult, as small changes in definitions in the Actual and Forecast system can make comparisons unreliable. The Cohelion dataplatform let’s you enter  your forecasts using the same definitions and dimensions as the actual data is captured in, leaving no room for misinterpretations. On top of that, historic snapshots are saved from all forecasts, so you can benchmark your forecasters and check who takes this process seriously.

There is a forecasting process in place, but it is time-consuming

Nobody likes making monthly forecasts. Sometimes so little changes that it’s impossible for a human to tell why the forecasted value in 6 months should be different from that was forecasts for that same period just a month ago. Since the Cohelion Dataplatform is an integrated solution that captures both historical Actual data and future Forecast data using the same definitions and dimensions, we can create forecasts by analyzing historical trends. By using advanced machine learning techniques, accurate companywide forecast can be created in minutes. Left to do for your users is to add any changes that cannot be derived from history (like known future won or lost contracts).

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