Data integration

Connect, capture, and store all your data from your various sources

Combine all your data without needing IT skills or creating any complex custom coding. Whether it’s HR candidate information, financial predictions, streaming data from IoT devices, or even excel files, having them easily accessible is the dream.

We help you to capture your data sources and monitor the progress in a user-friendly and quickly accessible environment. The Cohelion Data Platform does not disrupt your IT landscape but connects to it alongside so you can keep running your business as usual.

Quickly connect all your data

Your business applications can sync to the Cohelion Data Platform in many ways. From submitting data via an API, to pulling CSV files, to uploading your local Excel spreadsheets, you’ll be connected.

We have experience with collecting data from more than 100+ applications and various ERP systems. Alternatively, our consultants can create custom interfaces in case your local application cannot expose its data.

Connecting data sources, worry free and fully managed


We take over full responsibility for creating the interfaces needed to work with
your IT landscape. It often makes little sense to train your IT staff to learn complex extract, transform, and load (ETL) software when they only need to use that expertise once a year.

Cohelion provides standard integrations, but can also connect via custom built APIs to your (legacy) applications.

Data directly available for analytics

Following the ETL principle, we first extract data from each source application then write it to a permanent repository as a snapshot in its native format. This makes it a perfect playground for your Business Intelligence and analytics teams.

Only then does the transformation takes place. This is different from traditional ETL processes that transform your data before it’s loaded into permanent storage.

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Manage your provided data in one user-friendly environment

We believe that you should be in full control of the data that is being imported, regardless of the location it comes from. Your (non-IT) staff can follow, audit, reload, and filter all your information for anomalies or out-of-range data.

All sources delivering data are visualized so you can check your system’s status at a glance.

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