Data Quality

Easily review, clean, and adjust your data

Before all your integrated data moves to your Enterprise Data warehouse, you want to guarantee the data quality. Especially since this data is being used to feed your BI and analytic tools in order to make the right business decisions.

The data transferred to your Enterprise Data Warehouse is often a black box for many organizations. The Cohelion Data Platform offers a unique process and a user-friendly interface where you can inspect, clean, and adjust all data before it ever gets into your users’ hands.

All relevant data in one platform

The Cohelion Data Platform allows you to quickly see and review all your relevant data – whether it’s HR, Finance, or Operational data – consolidated from all sources.

For instance, your account managers can see their clients’ (current, historical, and forecasted) data. Or your Regional Managers can see the performance of their offices and so forth.

Integrated and automated data quality checks

Both the process of importing data as well as the captured data itself is closely monitored. Deviations from expected data refresh cycles are notified, as are failed imports.

Our anomaly detection algorithms are triggered by data that deviates from your chosen benchmarks. Plus, unknown product codes or customer codes are flagged to be mapped in the MDM. All these checks are designed so your business users are in full control without the need to involve your IT staff.

Data workflows

Involving your users in the data validation checks will have a major positive impact on the overall data quality of your data warehouse. Via pre-defined workflows, your users will be invited (and reminded) for data-entry, corrections, and approvals.

This can be set up using automated processes tied to monthly historical data reviews, forecasting processes, or annual budgeting rounds.

Include data from inaccessible applications

Often, smaller department or niche-legacy apps are not worth connecting (yet), but its data still is essential for the total picture. In these cases, the platform provides various ways to include this data as well – either via data entry, web form, or by uploading excel spreadsheets.

This unique feature also allows you to start your data warehouse project early even when your infrastructure is not ready for it. The Cohelion Platform is designed for scaling up, transferring data, or integrating into a single source of truth.

Detect incorrect data and adjust

There are always cases where data is incorrect in your source system and cannot be corrected. Instead of going to your IT staff to modify complex ETL scripts, we offer you the possibility to review and correct data before it’s submitted to your data warehouse.

We believe that ‘garbage-in is garbage-out’ should not be the standard method because there are better ways.

Extensive audit trail

The platform allows you to view all modifications, corrections, and manually entered data. A full history of all previous values is stored and can be checked by authorized employees within your organization.

Since full data lineage is maintained, your consolidated information can be broken down at any time. This gives insight into the data origins and gives the ability to trace errors back to the root cause.

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