Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

Filter & export

Feed your BI & Analytic tools to create direct business value

Data integration and a Data Warehouse can be valuable to a company and can help gain competitive advantages. For organizations it is important to have as many data consumers as possible that can access the data collected over the years. This is the basis to become a data driven organization and will professionalize the decision-making process. This means that data consumers must have easier and faster access to data.

Provide granular access to your Data Warehouse

Stakeholders can easily access the data they need. With centrally managed filter methods, the right data is made available to all your authorized users from the various business units in your organization. For example, your finance, HR or operational analyst have access to the data warehouse but filtered for their respective department. Filters can be defined by region, country, business line, or departments.

Seamless integration with third party BI tools

Seamless integration with visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik make it easy to slice and dice through huge data sets. The permissions defined in the Cohelion user management can be propagated to PowerBI, so you have one place to manage workspaces, apps and available dimensions.

Shared data model throughout your organization

A shared data model allows easy training of all your users because they see the same models and relations. Regardless of visualization tools in use, dashboards can be reused between departments. Each data mart acts as a proxy to one central data warehouse. No data discrepancies or differences possible between departments or business lines.

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