Business Solutions

Get a head start with predefined reports

Throughout the years, we’ve learned what reports organizations need most. For business solutions from HR to Operations to Finance and many more, we created standard implementation templates. The result is a quick implementation, standard workflows, data validation, and valuable reports.

This also relates to the combination of several business solutions. Combining data from one division with another’s leads to exponential data value. For example, the number of hours worked is useful, but when you compare it with finance data you can calculate productivity. Imagine what you can do when also adding Operational KPIs or HR data!

Why reinvent the wheel?

Our standard business solutions provide a starting point for collecting data from your business applications into one platform. Cohelion has set up predefined definitions for HR such as: staff type, contract type, and diversity. You’ll be able to quickly launch the basic HR data consolidation.

Ready-made features

Each solution contains a default API for data delivery, a standard set of reports, spreadsheet upload features, and fact tables that you can connect to data visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau, or Qlik.

Consolidate all department data into one platform

No more expensive 3rd party consolidation software! You can have it all in one location with your Cohelion Data Platform. You can connect many different business applications into one, no matter the department.

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