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We deliver data solutions to ground handlers, airlines and airports so they can keep track on their financial, operational, commercial and safety performance.
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Cohelion's Profitability Analysis

Don’t want to wait for the monthly P&L? Get real-time visibility of profitability per customer, location or even per flight.
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With Cohelion's Master Data Management (MDM) tool you can easily map all your company in one place and get the most out of your data.
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With our focus being in the aviation sector, our Data Platform can be used in many other industries. Do you want to see what we can do for your organization?
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What Cohelion brings your organization

The aviation industry used to be a race to the bottom. It is a chain cooperation between Ground Handlers, Airlines and Airports in which being cost effective is key. In order to do so, data plays a crucial role. At Cohelion we want to level the playing-field, so Ground Handlers can enter negotiations with better preparation. If you operate within a global network, we can help you to maximize the network effect. If you operate as a station, you’ll love our Profitability Analysis solution (per turnaround!). We’ve done so for Swissport, WFS and SATS.

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