The Cohelion team

Welcome to our team! A gathering of climbers, Star Wars geeks, bike adventurers, jugglers, gamers, bitcoin traders, conspiracy theorists, and kite surfers.

We are a diverse team that dedicates their time and skills towards a common goal of giving our clients access to the best data they have.

Now, 22 winters, five babies, four broken bones, 20 m3 cups of coffee later, many lessons have been learned!

We probably are still missing an amateur rocket scientist

We are a growing team, individually skilled – mostly data scientists and developers – with a flat organization appreciated by both team members and our client counterparts.

With work-life balance in place and the benefits and rewards for being a skilled and experienced individual, our team members create highly rewarding data solutions and have fun doing it.

What we do

We love helping organizations understand their business better than ever and get more out of their existing – or new – data sources. Our team helps you to manage your data jungle.

We create simple and user-friendly data solutions that empower organizations with insights and information. Thus, giving them the power to focus on their core business in order to make better decisions based on their data. Our goal is to constantly improve usability and exceed expectations through our work.

Who we are: Proud & pragmatic

We don’t settle for ‘okay’. We keep testing and we keep looking for answers. We push accepted boundaries and reach for the impossible because we take pride in our reputation as innovative problem solvers.

Our approach: Creative logic

We combine experience and insight to think like our customers and solve their specific problems without being afraid to get our hands dirty. Our proactive and logical approach ensures we develop more constructive relationships with our clients and deliver the kind of creative solutions they desire.

Our work: Engineered simplicity

Data solutions are most often designed from an IT perspective while business users within companies ultimately must work with the data and insights. That is why we create easy-to-use data solutions that business users can apply and maintain without any coding.

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