Discover our Business Solutions

Simplify your business with our user-friendly solutions covering HR, Operations, and Finance, complete with easy-to-use templates. Enhance processes, ensure data accuracy, and gain valuable insights, including KPIs. Our solutions don’t just make things easier; they help you understand your business better. Let’s make your operations more efficient and KPI-driven.

  • Profitability Analysis

    Get accurate insights on which customer, service or location is most profitable

  • Forecasting & Budgeting

    Standardize the company-wide forecasting and budgeting process on any KPI

  • ESG Reporting

    Simplify your integrated ESG reporting with one cost effective platform

  • Contract Monitoring

    Store and manage all your contracts and SLA’s in one central place

  • Customer Dashboards

    Effortlessly share KPIs, news and documents with your customers

See profitability Analysis in action

Watch the presentation to see how Activity Based Costing is implemented at SATS