Cohelion Profitability Analysis

Supporting the business with profitability insights can be extremely challenging when facing with data silos, outdated solutions, and manual processes.

Explore the possibilities of real-time profitability analysis with activity based costing.

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What activity based costing can do for your business?

How to get full transparency in cost per turnaround?

Profitability per turnaround for SATS Apron

View the webinar and explore how activity based costing was successfully applied at SATS and provided detailed insights for substantial cost reduction.

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Customized insights

The profitability statistics are directly available for different stakeholders for further analysis and to generate customizable dashboards in tools like PowerBi.

Cohelion also provides access to pre-built profitability dashboards that are fully tailored to ground handlers. This gives a head start into the profitability KPI’s that matter.

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Business benefits when implementing Activity Based Costing

Profitability applied to your business?

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