Performance Manager

Having difficulties making sense of all your operational, financial and HR data silos and translating them into actionable business insights? 

With our performance manager, you can achieve unity with a single source of truth, transforming organizations from a collection of stations to a cohesive global entity.

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Benefits of using a Single Source of Truth

How Swissport optimized global operations

View the case study of Swissport here and see how it is implemented and changed their organization.


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The Cohelion Data Performance Manager brings all your data together, whether it’s from simple spreadsheets or sophisticated business software. Integration is quick and straightforward, allowing you to connect to a wide range of sources, including ERP, finance, and HR applications. With years of experience, we’ve established seamless data connections across various platforms, ensuring a smooth and efficient consolidation process.

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Profitability Analysis

Having a central data platform could enable new business insights like profitability analysis.

Explore the possibilities of how to better manage costs and improve processes with activity based costing.

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