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Welcome to our main headquarters. See the guy behind that plant? He just registered for a two-week solo bike race in Kyrgyzstan.

The guy embedded in his code? Just sent a 7a rock climb. Welcome to our gathering of climbers, Star Wars geeks, bike adventurers, jugglers, gamers, conspiracy theorists and kite surfers. We are probably still missing an amateur astronaut. Why are we here? Because we love making great software.

Where did we come from?

It all began in Rotterdam in 2002. Our initial products were web UX solutions for large corporates who wanted rapid development for their enterprise applications.

Fast forward to today

Five babies, four broken bones, 20 cubic metres of coffee and a lot of experience richer, we are now building cutting-edge software that’s in use all over the world.

We love helping our fanbase clients understanding their business better than ever. They typically are large corporations who rely on us to help manage their data jungle.

Our solutions seamlessly bring datasets together, whether it’s feeds, forecasts or manual corrections, analyse the relationships and trends, add some clever machine learning, keep the data quality in check, and streamline the results into beautiful reports and valuable insights.

Yes, you could probably try it with some spreadsheets too. It’s what most of our clients tried before they came to us.



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Cohelion • Data Management and Integration Platform Schiehavenkade 50-52
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T: +31 10 2400934

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