Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

About Cohelion

Cohelion delivers an agile and intelligent solution for Data Integration and Data Quality. Our team shares a passion for Clean Enterprise Data and a pro-results approach. From Rotterdam and Valencia, our team works in partnership with our clients on creating the bigger ‘data’ picture in their enterprise.

Our origin story

It all began in Rotterdam in 2002. Our initial products were webbased solutions for large corporates who needed online access to their enterprise applications. Ever since that day the Cohelion team has been creating data integration, data management and big data solutions for large enterprises.

Fast forward to today

18 winters, five babies, four broken bones, 20 m3 cups of coffee and lessons learned, today we are building data integration and data management software that’s in use all over the world.

Our broad understanding in ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), data management and data warehousing solutions resulted in 2018 in the release of the Cohelion Data Platform. A platform that comprises of 18 years of experience, but also a clean approach to solve the near-identical data management challenges that every enterprise faces today

About The Cohelion Platform

The Cohelion data platform allows enterprises to take swift and decisive actions, forecasting and planning based on their operational data. With no impact on existing IT systems and a gradual implementation, the Cohelion Data Platform collects, structures and manage your data, starting with unlocking a company’s most important data sets first.

Our data solution seamlessly brings datasets together, whether they are feeds, forecasts or manual corrections. It analyzes relationships and trends, uses machine learning for intelligent forecasting, and keeps the data quality in check. The results are then streamlined into beautiful reports and valuable insights.

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