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Master Data Management

Normalize, map and classify data into your company standard

When you want to integrate data sources, the main problem is that different systems use different names, codes for the same ‘member’, like a product, customer, office etc. One way to overcome this is to maintain mapping tables in Excel. The problem is that nobody wants to maintain this, and is not a scalable solution. Many companies still have unwieldy spreadsheets roaming around, with multiple unclear versions and undiscovered mistakes.

Our Master Data Management (MDM) tool lets you maintain mapping to and from any system with a simple a drag and drop interface. It’s a central place to store all mappings. Furthermore, it allows you to map different systems at any level and define hierarchical structures in your data that can be used for aggregations in your Data Warehouse. This is where you organize your company standard for all data, and how it translates to local variations.

Easy to maintain and scale at any time

No need to force one coding standard over your entire IT landscape, as this will not work in the long run. Via a star architecture all code variants are mapped to your company standard, using 1-1 mappings, 1-N mappings or N-1 mappings. This keeps it simple to maintain and makes it easy to scale up at any time.

Get notified and stay in control

Thanks to the close integration with your data lake, unknown codes are flagged. Authorized users within your organization will receive a notification and via a drag and drop interface new mappings can be set-up or conflicts can be resolved. In this way your organization have full governance to classify your data.

One single source of truth

When your organization has a large number of applications in use, you need a central organization structure. The Master Data Manager (MDM) fulfils this role and serves as a translator between all your applications. It collects all the relevant incoming data from all systems for the same object and make all codes uniform. Then, with the MDM being the new single source of truth, all systems ‘speak the same language’.


Our MDM tool can be used to map codes from any domain, be it Products, Customers, Offices, Alert codes, Finance Chart of accounts etc.. For each domain you can set up an unique hierarchy, define systems that need to be mapped. Different purpose, same user interface.

Accessible to all your external applications

All your carefully defined mappings and hierarchies are made available via rest-API’s for any other authorized application. With proper credentials the API even allows for distributed maintenance of code lists of all your applications.

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