A new approach to Enterprise Data Warehouses

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According to Gartner, almost 70% of enterprise data warehouse projects fail to meet expectations. While the traditional approach has worked well for over 25 years, there are many known drawback to it. Rick van der Lans reviewed our alternative approach on Master-Data-driven BI.

T-SQL: Derived tables & table value constructors


In this technical blogpost one of our developers, Peter de Heer, highlights T-SQL derived tables & table value constructors. He then presents a well performing technique for doing unpivoting operations with them.

T-SQL: Compare NULL by value


In this technical blogpost one of our developers, Peter de Heer, demonstrates how equality matches, that treat NULL values as if they were an actual value, are typically handled. He then shows a not well known, but much better technique for doing this and explains where and why to use it.

Whitepaper Rick van der Lans


From Master Data-Driven BI to Integrated Forecasting and Budgeting.

How we use ColdFusion


In this blogpost we're sharing our keynote video that we made for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2020. At Cohelion we use ColdFusion (CF) to develop applications like our Master Data Management. In this video we share some insights on how we started using CF with a small demo by of one our developers.

The possibilities of data in the logistics sector

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The Cohelion Data Platform helps organizations to get more out of their data. Bringing them close to becoming a data-driven organization. Watch the video to get to know the possibilities of data and how we help our customer Swissport with our platform!

Introducing Customer Profitability

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This month we released our new business solution: Customer Profitability. With this out of the box solution it is possible to calculate important profitability statistics and directly generate ad-hoc reports tailored to your organization by dividing indirect and overhead costs over all your customers in a fair and traceable way.

T-SQL: Len() and DataLength()


In this technical blogpost, Peter de Heer explains the meaning of the Len() and DataLength() functions and how they're used. By showing you a small demonstration we hope to give you some insights on these two functions that seems very similar, but have their own side-effects.

The role of SQL

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In this blogpost Peter de Heer explains the basics of SQL and why this industry standard is heavily used within the Cohelion Data Platfrom

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