Origin of Cohelion: The action of process of multiple independent parts to become aligned around a central theme. Used in Astronomy and in Information Theory

So what is the Cohelion Data platform?

In any organization IT landscapes change through evolution or acquisitions. This often creates data challenges. Still your organization want to rely on its data upon which important decisions are made.

Cohelion is your one-stop-shop for data-integration, data mapping and data-warehousing, with built-in tools for data-quality monitoring with support for sophisticated forecasting and budgeting workflow. The platform is designed to be managed completely by the business user (Operations, Finance, Quality, HR) with minimal involvement of your IT staff.

A modular approach

Not every organization can start from scratch or has a green field situation. Often various tools are already in use but are not compatible or do not give the desired result. The Cohelion Platform has combined all essential tools into one platform which helps you overcome the modern data challenges.

Get data insights tailored to your needs

With the experience throughout the years we’ve covered multiple essential business subjects that we call ‘Business solutions’. Examples are Human Resources, Operations, Quality, Time & Attendance, Finance and many more.

The strength is that every selected solution has a quick implementation, standard workflows, validations and standard valuable reports.

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