Enterprise Data Management made easy

As IT landscapes change through evolution or acquisitions, you need a flexible and standard data platform. The Cohelion Data Platform is an all-in-one solution for all your data management challenges. It helps you with Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing.

Cohelion acts as the glue between your existing applications, with no need to change your existing application infrastructure.

Complement and enrich data

There are always cases where data is incomplete or missing. Our unique data entry capability allows for review and correction.

Manual data capture also allows you to start your data warehouse project early, by collecting data from operations staff and integrating it seamlessly with other sources.

The integrated data governance features keep an extensive audit trail of all modifications.

Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting

Improve your forecast speed and accuracy.

Accurate forecasting is a critical task in a fast moving economy. Forecasts can be pre-filled using advanced Machine Learning algorithms to help simplify tasks for specific users or teams. Cohelion keeps snapshots of all forecasts to show prediction accuracy and tracks deviations.

Simple reports help teams understand the impact of forecast accuracy. Additionally, Cohelion includes features to pre-fill budgets based on historical trends.

Tailored to your needs

During the on-boarding process we identify your business processes to tailor Cohelion to your needs.

Over the years we have covered dozens of Topics, such as HR, Finance, Operations, Quality, Time&Attendance etc. Each with it’s own configurations, validations and reports.

The strength of Cohelion is that this is achieved via configuration instead of coding, making for quick delivery.

Master Data Management

Normalize data into your company standard.

Nobody likes to maintain mapping tables in Excel. With our state of the art Master Data Management (MDM) application you have a central place to store all mappings. Create hierarchical structures in your data and map different systems at any level.

Thanks to close integration with the ETL process, unknown codes are flagged to be resolved.

MDM holds your single source of truth; it knows how any record in any application relates to any other record in any other application. Via REST API’s this carefully created set of mapping tables can be used by authorized users or applications.

Puts you in control of your ETL processes

Connect all your data sources.

Easily capture disparate sources of data into one unified pool, so you can reap the benefits of an enterprise wide view and single source of truth. Our extract-transfer-load module (ETL) allows you to automatically capture all your data sources from any repository.

For each data-set, an administrator uses a simple web interface to configure rules that capture everything from detailed raw data, to specific KPIs – no programming needed.

Integrated Enterprise Data warehouse

Create the data set to feed your BI tools.

Every hour Cohelion automatically refreshes data cubes for further usage in self-service BI solutions, our Customer Dashboard, various exports and integrations.

Huge data volumes can be queried instantly in any granularity defined in MDM.

Complete Governance

Control access, ownership and export.

Our enterprise level permission management system allows fine-grained control over who can access, modify, add, delete or report on your data. Specify via Role, Line of Business, or assigned customer so you can give the permissions they need. Or use integration with Active Directory for overall corporate user authentication.

Permissions assigned to users are exposed to BI tools. This makes that you have one place were you define who has access to what reports, dashboards and data-sets.

Various reports give you insight into data-quality; who has entered data on time, what system has stopped delivering data, what figures are unrealistically high. Send invitations to approvers, or reminders for users who are late. Lock dates can be set to guarantee that data beyond that point cannot be changed.


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