Forecast & Budgeting

A data warehouse with all your historical data is a beautiful thing to have. But wouldn’t it be great if you could also compare your actual and historical data with your forecasts and budgets at any moment?

For businesses it is essential to know their performance against forecasts or budgets at any moment and with perfect accuracy. This means not having to convert data from external applications as that causes chaos due to differing definitions and would not be real time.

The Cohelion Data Platform allows you to set (rolling) forecasts, annual budgets, and targets on any KPI, at any time.

User-friendly and familiar interface

Fully integrated in the Cohelion Data Platform, the forecasting and budgeting module has no learning curve and no new application to learn and maintain.

Advanced workflows

Budgets and (rolling) forecasts are not easy to correctly produce. The Cohelion Data Platform uses standard workflows that support this repetitive task.

Monthly forecast rounds can be set to pre-determined user roles to send invitations, reminders, approvals, and escalation processes which can be maintained within the application.

Real-time comparisons

By having the forecast and actual data in one platform, both scenarios can use the same (customer, product, currency, etc.) definitions. This means no conversions are necessary to do comparisons and can now be done at any time.

Machine learning predictions

For some KPI’s we can pre-fill the monthly forecast with data that is derived using advanced machine learning algorithms. Scanning historical data for trends can give you a solid estimate of the future.

All that is left for your staff to do is confirm the prediction or adjust it for changes that could not be derived from history (like newly won contracts).

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