What exactly is the Cohelion Data Platform?

Having difficulties making sense of all your operational, financial and HR data silos and translating them into actionable business insights? ? Cohelion, with over 20 years experience in the industry, offers a proven data integration solution. Our software, implemented by top ground handlers like Swissport, WFS and SATS, combines standardization and flexibility seamlessly. The Cohelion Data Platform delivers global insights without altering your existing software or processes. Achieve unity with a single source of truth, transforming organizations from a collection of stations to a cohesive global entity.

  • Company-wide reporting

    Compare station performance needlessly across the entire network

  • Get a head start

    Built-in support for aviation systems and IATA and ICAO standards

  • Make reliable decisions

    Approval workflows ensure your data is correct and consistent, with ML

  • Gradual roll-out

    Start small and grow as you like, to get fast results and mitigate risks

  • Plug & play

    Collect and consolidate data across any kind of application in your network

  • Supporting growth

    Shorten the roll-out of IT integration and reduce costs & time

Business Solutions

On top of our Aviation Data Platform we create a wide range of Business Solutions to tackle important business problems. 

Discover streamlined solutions tailored for your business needs. Whether it’s HR, Operations, Finance, or beyond, our implementations are swift, workflows are ready-made, validations are seamless, and reports are invaluable. Experience efficiency from day one. Your success, simplified.

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